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I'm watchin' you...
United States
I'm 17, and very inactive on this site at the moment. I'm writing this now because this really needs updating!

Current Residence: Magicant
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I haven't bought anything from there, but I'd imagine I'm a woman's medium or la
Favourite genre of music: Orchestrated soundtrack music, praise and worship, rock, alternative.
Favourite style of art: Asian-style paintings.
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano?
Shell of choice: Itty bitty oyster shells.
Favourite cartoon character: Kurow from Okamiden...does he count?
Personal Quote: "Chill out!"
  • Reading: Life is Worth Living
  • Playing: Pokemon SoulSilver (I gotta get Groudon!)
  • Drinking: Green Tea
...My camera cables have evaporated.  I knew I shouldn't have let Xena get into my bedroom unsupervised.

In other news, I am stealing this quiz thingy from :iconeightcrows:.  If that's illegal, then lock me up!

...Okay not really, please.

ten things you like (in no particular order):

1. Sleeping
2. Strategizing
3. Birds
4. Incredibly nice Catholic guys that are my age. :XD:
5. Pokemon
6. Cats, evil as they can be at times (I am convinced that Xena is only letting us live because she finds us useful somehow).
7. Good stories.
8. Epic music.
9. Good books.
10. Scoutie!

Three things that makes you happy:

1. Being with people I love and trust.
2. Having things turn out better than expected (especially when my expectations were already high).
3. Looking in the mirror and realizing that my hair and outfit are really cool.

Three things that anger you:

1. People who want to change me.  I WILL NOT BOW TO YOUR WILL!
2. Pervy people.
3. Couples who are super affectionate in public or just around me.  They make me absolutely ill.  They also make me wonder if I actually want to go out with anyone in the future. :O
(So I guess instead of things, I named people groups I don't like...same difference, right?)

10 things you hate:

1. Movies that give glory to demons by making them seem almost impossibly powerful and unstoppable (they're not, trust me).
2. Sex scenes in any type of media (or scenes that get close to that).  Ugh.
3. Cynicism.
4. Relying on others.
5. Social Anxiety Disorder and the effect that it has had on myself and others.
6. Palmetto bugs.
7. Rap.
8. The feeling I get when I realize that I am my own worst enemy.
9. The feeling I get when I wonder if everyone thinks I'm just out to get attention...maybe that's partly what I'm after, but sometimes writing about my problems helps me think them through, and then this quiz makes me think about my likes and dislikes.

3 facts about your name:

1. It means "The Graceful Lily".
2. I get mad when people mispronounce it and call me "Susanne".  You're an idiot.  Seriously.
3. I go by three different forms of it and it confuses some people.  Susan, Susie, and Sue.  

5 facts about yourself:

1. I have never had a good relationship of any kind with any guy named John.  It's like, I don't like him, he doesn't like me, we have nothing to talk about, he is EXTREMELY annoying and talks about things that anger me, etc.
2. I like games.  But not just video games.  I like Bananagrams too.  And I'd like to learn to play Settlers of Catan.
3. I like to work in media that I have almost total control over, which is why I like to knit and work with other 3D media, but I don't like drawing as much because I feel like I have less control (my hands are really unsteady when I draw, but somehow this is never a problem when I do other things).
4. Whenever I'm near something hot, I tell the people around me not to use the "Susie Method" of testing the heat of an object.
5. I am fascinated by nature.

2 things you except(at least for now)

Accept or expect?
I accept:
1. That my life will be more difficult do to my quirks (I guess I expect that too.)
2. ...My fate? :XD:
And I expect nothing more.  Leap before you think!

4 random thoughts:

1. Charcoal hates me, and I don't even care that it isn't sentient.  It just hates me.
2. Green tea is good.
3. I wish my wrist wouldn't threaten to go and develop a carpal tunnel every time I knit. :o
4. Mmm...blackberries.

1 thing you really love:

1. Feeling like I have a really close bond with someone who totally accepts me...though I only feel that with one Person...

Song you are listening into: Nothing..?

Story of the year: My birthday cake didn't have a candle on it.  It had a plastic knife with a piece of popcorn stuck to the top, I'm not even kidding you.

And in closing: I think I might be a little weird.


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